About Us

UC-CARE is a medical device company founded by experienced entrepreneurs. UC-CARE has targeted the treatment of Prostate Cancer as its leading application.

Since its inception, the company has been developing a unique, patented diagnostic and treatment system aimed to improve diagnostic and treatment procedures of prostate diseases. The unique system is solving the problem of Blind Biopsy and provides an improved treatment system for Focal treatment.

UC CARE's patented technology for Smart Biopsy and Focal treatment of Prostate Cancer utilizes a local navigation system and 'natural prostate landmark' for an accurate localization of the biopsies taken during a Biopsy procedure. The localization data includes the needle tip coordinates, the needle angle and the longitudinal place of a positive biopsy within the specimen. The system enables an accurate "return to the point" by registration between two procedures for evaluation of the size and grade of a tumor found or a second biopsy that can be added to the first procedure for a systematic saturated biopsy. It is easily implemented and does not require advanced handling skills, or prolonged training.