Diagnostic and treatment precision in fusion technology can only be achieved when human movement at every point-of-care is accounted for.  

We believe better health outcomes can only be realized when technological advancements are successfully integrated within current systems and workflows.


Thus, innovation at UC-CARE is sparked by a deep understanding of health practitioner realities.  Our solutions are designed consciously, with technological, workflow and business realities held central, in order to meet the needs of, and be easily integrated by, physicians, technicians and patients.


Today UC-CARE’s focus is the development of unique, patented tools that turn blind diagnostics into smart diagnostics that enable focal treatment procedures of prostate diseases.





Chairman, CEO & Founder   

Shaike Schatzberger


Over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and founder. Previously Founder & CEO of Galil Medical, President & CEO at Celletra, Executive at Rafael.   

R&D Manager

Michal Nir

Diverse experience in leading complex medical-device software projects. Previously Software Group Manager with Medivision-OIS (9 years) and prior to that Software Engineer with Check Point.


VP Operations

Galit Natan

15 years of experience managing Operations and Supply Chains with Medical Device companies and others. Prior to UC-Care served as COO of Celletra and prior to that as VP of Operations at Galil Medical.

Clinical Manager

Keren Shapira-Shweizer, PhD

PhD in BioMedical Engineering. Extensive experience in the planning and execution of clinical trials. Prior to UC-Care, Lab Manager at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

VP of BD & Marketing

Tomer Schatzberger


Electrical Engineer with strong multidisciplinary skills. Over 15 years of experience as a leader of R&D groups. And 10 years in the medical industry. Previously VP of R&D at Celletra.


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