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Israeli startups find attractive landing pads in the U.S. outside the major tech hubs, in cities such as Detroit, Tampa, and Atlanta[read more]


Dr. Michael Cohen

Novel methods for the Diagnosis, Active Surveillance and Focal Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Dr. Franco Lugniani 

Single setting 3D MRI-US guided frozen section and focal cryoablation of the index lesion: proof of priniciple and initial series.


Navigo - Patients movement during prostate biopsy procedures from Annual Focal Meeting 2019. 

Navigo - Transperineal vs Transrectal MRI-US Fusion for prostate cancer detection . Published during AUA 2019 meeting by Professor Daviv Margel. 

SmartBx - Initial experience with a semi-automated prostate biopsy core download system. 

SmartBx - Semi-automated prostate biopsy core download system - Performance and implication.

Navigo - Improved accuracy of biopsy needle guidance in Real-Time-Elastography by combination with a 3D-navigation system. 

Tissue Management - Learn more about AUA recommendations for tissue management.

Navigo & SmartBx- The usage of both UC-Care products shows outstanding results of increasing  detection rate of prostate cancer.

NYU poster that was presented at the recent Focal therapy meeting in D.C. shows their Fusion guided transcriptional biopsy followed by Fusion guided Cryo therapy. Both done with Navigo system. [read more]