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Thanks for your interest in this workshop and the Navigo 4D Fusion Navigation System. Learn more about registering for the upcoming workshop at AUA below. 

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Upcoming Workshop

Transperineal Prostate Interventions: Systematic Biopsy, Rectal Spacer, and TP Fusion Biopsy

May 4 | 7:00 AM

Interested in attending? Learn about how to register:

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Summarize the indications, contraindications, and limitations of transperineal prostate access.

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Explain the limitations of transrectal biopsy including the risk of infectious and bleeding complications, and the rising risk of antibiotic resistance.

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List the equipment required and describe the setup for office-based transperineal procedures under local anesthesia.

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Describe outcomes of patients undergoing transperineal systematic prostate biopsy including cancer detection rates, possible complications, and the patient experience.

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Demonstrate transperineal peri-prostatic block and assemble the transperineal access device, demonstrate transperineal access to any location in the prostate for biopsy and markers and successfully perform biopsy.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Not attending AUA this year? You can still sign up for a personalized demo of the Navigo 4D Fusion Navigation System.

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