Navigo™ - 3D prostate biopsy in real time

Navigo™ a revolutionary device that allows physicians to image, plan, place and record prostate biopsy samples in high resolution 3D, doctors now can more confidently sample precise areas of the prostate and record biopsy locations for future reference.

Navigo™ workstation is designed to allow accurate 3D TRUS prostate biopsy recording and guidance, with any given trans-rectal ultrasound. The Navigo™ serves as an add-on to the TRUS for 3D prostate model rendering, automatic taken biopsies registration (immune to patient’s movements), and finally generate a detailed procedure report. The Navigo™ allows the fusion of past and present procedures and is therefore powerful tool for executing a follow-up biopsy or for navigating of ablative device to a lesion within the prostate. The Navigo™ is IP protected, FDA approved and CE marked.