Navigo™ New vision for prostate biopsy

Through the help of the prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test and the digital rectal exam (DRE), approximately 75% of prostate cancer is found within the gland and today most cancer is being found before a man turns age 70.

In response to earlier detection new paradigms are emerging in prostate cancer treatments that are less invasive and better at reducing side effects. There are even new programs designed to delay or avoid treatment altogether called "Active Surveillance" or "Watchful Waiting". Other new options focus on destroying only the known tumors While sparing the remaining healthy prostate tissue.

As a result of the changing landscape, patients want and need clear reliable information that will help them and their doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and if necessary, the right choice for treatment or management.
With the help of a revolutionary 3D prostate biopsy Navigation system the Navigo™ physician can now plan, navigate, track, record and manage your prostate biopsy results in a way that was not previously possible.
Only through a Smart Prostate Biopsy can you be more confident that you have obtained the best and most accurate diagnosis. And because all results are recorded, only through a Smart Prostate Biopsy can a baseline be established for future reference, confirmation and follow-up. For you this all leads to better and more personalized long-term patient health care management.

UC-CARE is a medical device company founded by experienced entrepreneurs. UC-CARE has targeted the treatment of Prostate Cancer as its leading application.