Navigo™ Advantage in prostate biopsy

Understanding prostate disease and your treatment options empowers you to communicate more effectively with your physicians and potentially obtain a better outcome.

With the help of a revolutionary 3D prostate biopsy Navigation system the Navigo™ physician can now plan, navigate, track, record and manage your prostate biopsy results in a way that was not previously possible.

Only through a Smart Prostate Biopsy can you be more confident that you have obtained the best and most accurate diagnosis. And because all results are recorded, only through a Smart Prostate Biopsy can a baseline be established for future reference, confirmation and follow-up. For you this all leads to better and more personalized long-term patient health care management.

UC-CARE is a medical device company founded by experienced entrepreneurs. UC-CARE has targeted the treatment of Prostate Cancer as its leading application.